Our new school campus at Kathu, Phuket, offers an impressive range of facilities available to Kindergarten – academic, sporting, cultural and leisure.

Our spacious buildings were designed with the idea of natural light and airflow throughout, also allowing noise to be kept to a minimum.  The classrooms are spacious and well-appointed in terms of equipment and features.

Within the school building we have a beautiful Song & Drama dance studio, mirrored for students’ and teachers’ full visual benefit.

We have a computer lab offering individual computers for each student to practice and perfect their newly acquired skills.  These are equipped with fun educational programmes suitable for each age group.

Our art room is a feast of colour and creativity; flooded with natural light and with access to on-site ‘clean up’ facilities and easy passage to the gardens and outdoor areas of the school.

Pride of place in our indoor facilities is an ongoing project, the Kindergarten Library.  We strive to introduce each of our students to the wonder and secrets of what a library should be, with students having full access to this area throughout the learning day and after hours.  The dedicated and experienced librarians create ongoing displays and exhibits relevant to what the students are studying as well as cultural events.  Literacy is a major area of interest in our curriculum so the library is very much the heart of the school.

Our Kindergarten building also has two playgrounds, one indoor and one outdoor.  The indoor playground offers imaginative and active play equipment.  The outdoor playground has impressive climbing and sliding equipment, large trampolines and a selection of ‘mini-fitness’ equipment for balancing and climbing.  There are also water play areas supplied in the shade of the trees.

Kindergarten has a uniquely designed swimming pool with a depth very comfortable for young children to be introduced to water safely and with confidence.  Swimming is available for K2 and K3 students.

Kindergarten has access to a full, undercover football field, an indoor gymnasium and a yoga room with air-conditioning.  Our highly motivated sports teachers alternate the areas according to the weather and the abilities of the students.

Creative play is so important in the early years and we encourage this at every available opportunity.  All Kindergarten students have access to the KLC room weekly where a variety of imaginative play, arts and craft and construction materials and toys are available.  This is supervised but self-directed play.

Kindergarten has a well-appointed multimedia room, with projector, various media players and surround sound equipment.  This is used for meetings as well as to show students visual media to reinforce learning or simply for fun.

We have not forgotten the adults who are so crucial to our students.

Kindergarten offers a large number of undercover parking beneath our building, with easy access to all levels by walkways and an elevator.

We also have a small coffee shop supplying quality refreshments and snacks with a comfortable, air-conditioned seating area.

Overall, Kindergarten is well-equipped to offer your child everything they need to grow, learn and explore.