About Kajonkietsuksa Kindergarten

Kajonkietsuksa School has been serving the Phuket community since May 1954, constantly evolving, growing and adapting to the changing needs of local people.

In line with the needs and desires of Phuket parents, Kajonkietsuksa School offers the English Programme for children from Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten 3.

Kindergarten English Programme offers a place where young children receive a warm and enriching experience, providing them with the foundation to transition into Primary school with confidence and ease.

We provide and environment that integrates the rich heritage and language of Thailand with the English language, Western cultural practices and traditions.

Students are provided with a balanced education through a combination of traditional values and modern practices.  A fun educational experience with many opportunities to learn and perfect newly acquired skills through developmentally appropriate activities, students’ young minds will be challenged to fulfill their true potential.